Bracknell Bootcamps - Berkshires Best Boot Camp

We currently run our boot camps from 'The Parks', just off Broad lane in Bracknell.

Most classes last for 45 minutes, excluding our Saturday morning 'No Holds Barred' boot camp.

What will boot camp do for me?

If you are looking at losing weight or body fat, our boot camps will do this for you.  Every session is different from the previous one which means your body doesn't get a chance to plateau.  If you are challenging different muscles, your metabolism will continue to burn the calories!  Our customer have been known to use 900 calories per session!  You will also develop strength and tone your body.  Our classes are limited to 12 people, excluding Saturday where the aim is to get everyone together!

Our Class Times:

'The Original' Bracknell Boot CampMonday, Wednesday and Friday @ 06.30am

'Mean Monday' - Monday @ 7.45pm

'Threshold Thursday' - Thursday @ 8.00pm

'No Holds Barred' - Saturday @ 08.45am - 09.45am (Selected weeks)

'The Original' Bracknell Boot Camp
'Thursday Threshold'