Boot Camps in Bracknell, Hastings View, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 9GW

What Will Boot Camps Do For Me?

The beauty of taking part in boot camps, is that no two workouts are the same.  New exercises are introduced on a session by session basis and those that appear similar will often have a different twist to them.  What this means is that your body will be adapting to change and every session you will have achieved something new.  Today we saw reverse rolls of two people.  One flipped a tyre for the first time and the other ran the complete distance around the field.  What this showed, was that the muscular strength has improved for the person who flipped the tyre and the cardiovascular endurance has improved for the person running around the field.  Our bodies adapt new skills very quickly and through working in a close group you achieve things you wouldn't on your own in a gym.  You will find muscles that you didn't know existed as your body is being challenged from every angle.  You will push yourself to levels that you din't think were achievable in week 1.

Eventually your body will reach a shape or size that it is happy with.  Both muscular strength and endurance will continue to improve and any imbalances you had in your body will become corrected.

Through hard work and sensible eating, you will end up with the body you deserve!  Your body will become your temple!

 The 'BIG ONE'.  Soon to be called 'The One Over There'.  Are you tough enough? You might just surprise yourself on a Bracknell Boot Camp!